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Small Businesses Struggle with Cash Flow

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about the struggles of small business owners with cash flow, by Kelly K. Spors and Simona Cova  (page B1 of the print edition).  This excellent article describes how “a growing wave of late

Chief Economist Dr. Chad Moutray Interviewed On “Build Your Business”

            Last Monday, Advocacy’s Chief Economist Chad Moutray appeared on Barbara Weltman’s radio show, “Build Your Business.”  Here are the podcasts for Part I and Part II of the show from the October 20th program.   — John McDowell  

South Dakota Leads The Way To Small Business Regulatory Flexibility

            South Dakota is leading the way to state small business regulatory flexibility.    Anytime a South Dakota state agency proposes new rules it must complete a Small Business Impact Statement to show whether and how the proposed regulations will

Educational Decisions Correlate With Self-Employment

            Advocacy’s Chief Economist, Dr. Chad Moutray, just released a working paper that shows college graduates who specialize in social science tend toward self-employment as compared to those with bachelor’s degrees in other subjects.               This week at George

National Small Business Association Names Chief Counsel Sullivan A “2008 Small Business Star”

           The National Small Business Association (NSBA) recently named Chief Counsel for Advocacy Thomas Sullivan one of ten “2008 Small Business Star.”               In a statement, the NSBA said that the 2008 Stars are,   Ten of the most influential,

Chief Counsel Sullivan Interview On “The Small Business Advocate” Radio Show

my recent interview with Jim Blasingame (on the Small Business Advocate show)

The State of Small Businesses in an Election Year

                        Matt Bandyk of U.S. News and World Report recently interviewed Chief Counsel for Advocacy Thomas Sullivan.  The interview, posted in the October 17 online edition, covers what Chief Counsel Sullivan sees as the major issues facing small business

Chief Economist Moutray Examines Opportunities and Challenges Facing Small Businesses

              Friday, Chief Economist Chad Moutray was in Springfield, Massachusetts, to attend the Western New England College Law and Business Center for Advancing Entrepreneurship’s conference, “Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy.”  Dr. Moutray participated in a panel discussion on politics

Chief Counsel Calls For Advocacy Independence

            Chief Counsel Tom Sullivan has been giving a round of “exit interviews” (his last day is October 24) with the media.  In a recent interview with Kent Hoover of the American City Business Journals, he called for the Office

National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Features Advocacy Report

The current issue of the National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship features a recent Advocacy working paper, “The Importance of Angel Investing in Financing the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ventures,” by Scott Shane.   NDE summarizes the findings:   A new US Small